Monday, August 22, 2016

Background inking For Weak Hands

This video shows 9 or 10 different sponging or brushing tools. The purpose is to demonstrate easier ways to create blended backgrounds for those with grasping issues and/or weak hands.

This is a photo of the tools I discuss in the video.

I give a blending tip near the end that helps tremendously. Well actually several tips:-) A summary of my testing:

1. Ink that dries slower spreads easier. I use dye inks for the transparency. Pigment dries slower but is more opaque and some won't dry on glossy stock.

2. Smooth good quality paper is easier to ink

3. Apply in layers, once paper absorbs ink you can layer more for intensity.

4. Use re-inkers for quicker coverage

5. Add a drop of vegetable glycerin to a few drops of ink to extend the drying time.(I had way too much on my work surface. Needs very little. I need to put some glycerin in a dropper bottle so I can better control how much I add:-)  Even adding more then needed glycerin in my tests it resulted in even glossy paper drying just fine without heat setting.

This next image shows the Clarity Brush which has recently been discovered:-) They have been around for awhile but now getting noticed. They are pricey and come in a set of 4 different sizes. They are washable BUT just brush off on a paper towel and re-use in the same color range if you are lazy like me:-) But they do work better with more ink built up. This pic shows the soft coverage of my first layer.

The second newer tool is the Latex Creative Expressions Smoothies. There is a large size - pack of two and minis - pack of 4. I used the large. I could grip but I am looking for clips I might be able to add for grasping. It worked quite well and glided on easier than a sponge dauber.

As you can see the color intensity is good. It can be even smoother if I took a bit more time blending:-)

To see the rest of the tools be sure to watch the video.

SNEAK PEAK coming soon is a galaxy background using inks, glycerin and glossy paper. As you can see it drys fine and you can stamp on the glycerin enhanced ink. I used Versafine.


Here are links to the products I used that I could find links for:-) I am an Amazon affiliate. The latex I got from Tupelo. I was impressed with free shipping and no minimum order.

Clarity Stencil Brush Set Of 4 - Assortment Of Sizes   
Ranger - Tim Holtz Mini Ink Blending Tool
Colorbox Stylus
Colorbox Tips
Big Sponge - I couldn't find it
Jumbo Dauber
Ink Duster at Inkylicious
Creative Expressions - Smoothies at Tupelo (Large ones but mini available too)


  1. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat tools, great tips! Your card is FAB and your background is gorgeous!!!