Friday, August 8, 2014

Party Decorations

Well I made my first decorations with my Cameo for my granddaughters 3rd birthday. We had the party in the park so nothing fancy.

First her card

Cupcake wrappers

I think my daughter ruined them by adding those picks! LOL

The Birthday Hat

Of course we all had to wear one

The birthday girl

 Tinkerbell floating over the table. Addison informed me her sister Periwinkle was missing LOL. She is on a cupcake but she wants a big one. I will make one for her room. The sister movie is her favorite.


  1. Wow! Such a fantastic project. Your granddaughter looks so happy (not to mention adorable!)

  2. My goodness, Joyce. This demonstrates the love you have for this adorable little girl. Everything is so beautiful. I'm sure your granddaughter had a fabulous party.

  3. Oh wow Joyce what a lot of work! Beautiful.

  4. Wow Joyce, I love those decorations!! What a fabulous job you did, and your granddaughter is just adorable!!